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Interimage currently offers operational support to two start-up companies with great ambitions. Our expertise, experience and facilities help them to launch their attractive concepts successfully on the market.


Orange Rebel - personalise your lunchbox and cup

Orange Rebel has developed clever lunchboxes and cups that consumers can personalise as they wish, using text and images. A very smart idea that helps to prevent kids from losing their lunchbox or cup at school!

Orange Rebel uses a slide system that allows anyone to create a unique lunchbox or cup quickly and easily. Customers simply select their preferred template on the website, add text and images or create their own unique design.

The lunchboxes and cups are available in four colours: orange, blue, lime green and pink. The boxes come with handy compartments that can be used to pack healthy snacks or a drinks carton, in addition to a sandwich. The products are made from high-grade plastic and can simply be washed in the dishwasher.

T: + 31 (0)348 820396 W: www.orangerebel.com E: hello@orangerebel.com



ViMezz - Send a direct video email

ViMezz Direct Video Mail features a crystal clear video image and high-quality sound. The video message starts as soon as the video brochure is opened, to ensure your message has maximum impact.

ViMezz cards are opened by 92% of recipients and 87% will view at least 30 seconds of the clip. This makes the cards a highly effective means of communication that achieves a better response rate than any other form of digital, offline or online communication. ViMezz Direct Video Mail can be used in a number of different ways, all achieving amazing results.

ViMezz is strongly committed to sustainability. Clients can therefore specify that recipients are able to return products, which are then processed by ViMezz in an environmentally friendly way.

T: +31 (0)348 484746 W: www.vimezz.nl E: info@vimezz.nl

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